Inside Riedel & Nachtmann’s spring 2019 showcase at New York Tabletop

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Continually innovative and at the forefront of design, Riedel presents the RIEDEL BAR DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE Collection, made in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris, known for his mixology at cocktail meccas including Dutch Kills, Maison Première, and Rob Roy. Uniting cocktail cultures of both past and present, this new collection of six glasses is perfect for the creation of thousands of cocktails.

Working in partnership with Riedel, Harris created each glass giving specific attention to its size, shape, volume and capacity for ice, a concept in its totality never before explored by any glassware company. The Highball andRocks Glasses are specially designed for a tower of ice cubes in the shaken cocktail of a Peasant, Julep or Buck, or the large format ice cubes of an Old Fashioned. The Fizz Glass captures the cocktail style’s perfect frothy “pushpop” head of foam with its parallel sides, ideal for a Gin Fizz. The Neat Glass is proportioned smaller but designed to hold the same volume as the Rocks glass, sans ice cube.

Inspired by the martini and Manhattan loving characters of the timeless thriller “The Thin Man,” the Nick & Nora ensures an effortless and chic sip, delivering the cocktail to the palate without a forced tilt of the head. Equipped with an outward flared lip, essential for the traditional sour or Daiquiri, the Sour Glass delivers the silky smoothness to the entire palate, directing the otherwise strong flavor profile to the tip of the tongue where it will be most enjoyed. The Mixing Glass, the seventh shape in the collection, is the ideal 90mL mixing vessel for preparing a bevy of cocktails before serving.

Each unique glass in the RIEDEL BAR DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE Collection is crafted in Riedel’s family-owned factories and comes with a cocktail recipe, suited to each glass. The BAR DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE Collection will be sold at retailers nationwide starting Spring 2019 and via inquiry to Each of the six spirits and cocktail shapes is available in a set of two for $29.90, plus the Mixing Glass for $59.90.

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