Inside Loacker’s Afternoon With Maggie Gyllenhaal Facebook Live to Celebrate Working Mothers

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On May 11th, Loacker, global premium wafer and confection brand, hosted “Loacker’s Afternoon with Maggie Gyllenhaal” Facebook Live, including an intimate discussion on motherhood with Maggie.

Gyllenhaal was honored as an inspirational example of a 2019 PowerMom, and empowering working mothers nationwide, the Facebook Live featured an intimate discussion and dedicated Q&A session of consumers’ questions for Maggie Gyllenhaal on motherhood.

When discussing motherhood Maggie shared, “I think it’s just like a constant shifting, you know. It’s not like you hit a balance and then you have it. There are moments where you really feel in balance and then there are moments where I feel out of balance. It’s like a massive learning, painful and ecstatic process. But I do think it gets easier. You just get better at it.”

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The third annual PowerMom celebration, Loacker continues to bring to life the brand’s mission to empower those that embody their company motto, “Goodness, Without Compromise.” With a longstanding dedication of advocating for mothers that make an impact in their communities and careers, Loacker’s PowerMom provides a platform to support the woman who does it all.

“The Loacker name represents generations of caring through our commitment to quality moments of happiness, healthiness, and togetherness,” shares TJ Rooney, President Loacker USA. “We care for consumers as if they were family, and celebrating moms is a natural extension of this commitment.”

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