Inside Kimpton Ink48 Hotel’s Stay Human Suite

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Kimpton Ink48 Hotel, located in Hell’s Kitchen, has unveiled Room 1403, a suite for Kimpton’s brand wide Stay Human Project. Guests can experience the colorful essence of NYC captured in the hotel’s immersive room where they’re invited to leave their “ink” and create meaningful connections with past and future guests.

A 90s-style mural by a local NYC graffiti artists sets the tone of the room which is stocked with a polaroid camera, an iPad station with community playlist and video diary, a typewriter for guests to type up notes and leave for the next person on a corkboard provided. The typewriter draws upon the hotel’s history as a printing factory from the 1930s.

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A #StayHumanProject neon sign and a guestbook filled with questions and prompts as well as space for travelers to leave messages for one another round out the in-room experience.

The Stay Human Project suite will be available until September 30th and the starting rate is $399.

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