Inside Hennessy’s ‘We Are’ end of Black History Month celebration

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Last night in Harlem was the culmination of Hennessy’s Black History Month initiative, “WE ARE”, a four-part content series highlighting the untold ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ stories behind influential culture icons who have pushed the limits to achieve greatness. Last night’s panel discussion “We Are Ambitious” featured Moderator Julian Mitchell and panelist Valerie Lora, John Henry, Kela Walker and Joe Freshgoods.

The content series launched at the top of February featured A$AP Ferg, fashion designer, Kerby Jean-Raymond of the Pyer Moss fashion label, TJ Mizell, DJ and son of Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, and Sami Miro, actress, model, and fashion designer to name a few. It’s a candid discussion surrounding the importance of varying mediums of art as platforms for social, political and economic expression, and how they each push the limits of their potential as African American artists today.

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  • WE ARE CREATORS — Hip hop artist A$AP Ferg; fashion designer Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss; DJ and son of Jam Master Jay, TJ Mizell; and vintage designer Sami Miro talk about the importance of art as a platform of expression, and how each artist uses their medium to push the limits of potential.
  • WE ARE DISRUPTORS — Musician Kenneth Whalum, co-founder of LISNR Rodney Williams, celebrity wardrobe stylist Rachel Johnson and co-founder of Driven Society Travis Weekes discuss how their individual efforts and organizations are aiding in economic equality and education within the African American community.
  • WE ARE PROUD — Producer and performer George Twopointoh, education advocate Lincoln Stephens, and founder of TheBlackManCan, Inc. Brandon Frame discuss the importance of family and how they push the limits of their own potential.

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