Inside Elisabetta Giriodi’s Photography Exhibition and Reception at Space LES

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Italian photography artist Elisabetta Giriodi’s inaugural solo exhibition Stuffed Animals Abound at Space LES, brought out both art collectors with their pulse on the best emerging talent as well as the fashion cadre such as uber stylist Rushka Bergman, Pier 59’s Camilla Olson, and fashion designers Frederick Anderson and Nina Sarin of Arias New York.

The Italian countess from Tuscany recounts her experience in New York through photography. Stuffed Animals Abound is a self-implicating and astute collection of elevated social media styled compositions.

To follow Giriodi is to scroll through a pointed-critique of the superficial and forgettable family lover-selfie subjects she captures. A family of stuffed animals in front of the public library.

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A landmark shot of a tourist under a bridge in Central Park. A couple kissing in Bryant Park. These seemingly benign objects traveled from Giriodi’s childhood home in Italy to New York City. The takeaway is an unforgettable and unsettling query that begs to answer what happens when human identity and personal relationships are too easily liked, bought, traded and replaced.

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