Ikinari Steak Celebrates Hell’s Kitchen Opening Tomorrow

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Ikinari Steak, the Japan-based steak restaurant which opened its first New York City and U.S. location in February of 2017, is opening its third location less than one year later.

On January 19, 2018, the brand will make its Theater District debut by opening in Hell’s Kitchen at 368 West 46 Street (Eighth and Ninth Avenues) This location has 47 spots at communal counters where diners can enjoy Ikinari Steak’s “super thick” high-quality meats quickly, and economically. A perfect dining style for lunch, pre-theater, post-theater, and dinner, Ikinari Steak, situated on New York’s famous Restaurant Row, will certainly be a welcome addition to the various restaurants and bars gracing the busy streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

As at the other locations, upon arriving guests are shown to their spot at one of the counters where they order drinks and side dishes. At each station is a number which the diner takes to the chef’s butcher station where they order from the menu of three cuts of meat: ribeye, sirloin, or filet. Guests order their steaks by the ounce with a minimum per cut. Guests can choose to add weight to their steaks at an extra cost per ounce.

Therefore, any number above the minimum is possible, as all steaks are cut to order and weighed in front of the guest. The steaks are cooked on an open fire, served with a daily vegetable, and presented sizzling on a cast-iron platter, which continues to cook the steak, and is why it is suggested to order cooked to rare.

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It is suggested to drizzle the Japanese soy-based signature steak sauce over the meat to heighten the flavor. This is what is called “J-Steak” (Japanese style steak), a phrase coined by, and introduced to New York by Ikinari Steak. The Choice beef comes from Aurora Angus Beef in Illinois and is wet-aged for at least 40 days.

The loyalty program, so popular in Japan, and offered in New York, has now increased its offerings. Besides a “beef mileage card” app that allows diners to track how many pounds of steak they’ve eaten and ranks them against other regulars, downloading the app also lets guests conveniently pay for purchases with pre-loaded money (Niku Money), and earns percentage points based on the monetary amount added.

Owned by Chef and restaurateur Kunio Ichinose, Ikinari Steak opened in Tokyo in December 2013, and now has over 100 locations throughout Japan, including over 60 locations in Tokyo City. It’s a fun, interactive, and communal dining experience.

Ikinari Steak is also in the East Village at 90 East 10 Street (Third and Fourth Avenues) and in Chelsea at 154 Seventh Avenue (19th and 20th Streets)

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