Hennessy’s $3M Unfinished Business Initiative Now Accepting Applications

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Last week, Hennessy’s Unfinished Business opens for applications — the brand’s $3M small business initiative helping Black, Asian American and Latinx small businesses power through the immediate financial challenges of COVID-19.

Hennessy has a history of supporting community and enriching culture, so in response to the global pandemic — which has disproportionately affected Blacks, Asian Americans, and Latinxs — this long-term initiative will support those hit hardest. Hennessy believes that rebuilding these businesses is essential to an equitable recovery and a more just economic and social future for communities of color.

More details on the program below:

· Partnerships with the Asian American Business Development Center, the Hispanic Federation and One Hundred Black Men will ensure capital is distributed at the community-level.

· The initiative will provide ongoing access to information, educational content and other resources to safeguard business continuity during the crisis and beyond.

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· To encourage applicants, Hennessy enlisted filmmaker Haley Anderson to lift the voices of seven minority small business owners, describing the current challenges they face, as well as the systemic issues this crisis has exacerbated.

· As an additional resource for small business owners, Hennessy will host IG Live sessions that offer commentary, advice and open Q&As with Unfinished Business partners, community experts, and more.

Eligible businesses can submit their applications starting today, Monday, June 22nd, through Wednesday, July 1st by visiting UnfinishedBusiness.US.

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