HAVANA CLUB Rum Debuts Exiled Menu at Broken Shaker Locations in New York and Miami

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In celebration of their proud heritage, HAVANA CLUB Rum has partnered with the Broken Shaker in both New York and Miami, to offer a secret, exiled menu featuring a limited-edition HAVANA CLUB cocktail, only accessible through the code phrase — “La Yuma.”

For many Cubans, especially those on the island, “La Yuma” is slang for the United States. It became widely used in the 1980s for Cubans seeking asylum. Today, it’s a term of endearment for those longing to come to the States.

This March, consumers who stop by Broken Shaker and say the code phrase, “La Yuma” to the bartender, will gain access to a special off-the-menu cocktail made exclusively with HAVANA CLUB rum, before the cocktail becomes a permanent fixture on Broken Shakers menu.

The real HAVANA CLUB rum was created by the exiled Cuban family, the Arechabalas, in 1878 and become a registered trademark in 1934. When Castro and the Cuban Regime came into power and unrightfully seized the family’s rum distillery on January 1, 1960, the family was forced into exile and robbed of their home and livelihood.

Despite their abrupt exile, the Arechabala family was able to take one important item with them out of Cuba: a transcription of their original rum recipe to carry on their heritage and identity. Today, the real HAVANA CLUB identifies with all exiles who fled for the United States — “La Yuma.”

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