Greater New York Chapter Of The Links Hosts STEM Event For Young Girls

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The Greater New York Chapter of The Links, Incorporated (GNY) recently hosted an afternoon of learning and engagement as part of a national initiative to advance and promote STEM Education among minority youth. Presented by the GNY Links International Trends and National Trends Facets, STEM-ulate NY: Future Thinkers was aptly held at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering at Brooklyn’s Metro Tech Center.

Nearly 20 students were in attendance, each receiving the benefit of one-on-one exchange and cross-disciplinary insights from NYU School of Engineering students, who volunteered their time to work with the elementary school students on various aspects of the STEM curriculum. Among the participating students were 14 children from Harlem’s Promise Academy II charter school.

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STEM education is a curriculum based on the concept that students greatly benefit from an interdisciplinary and applied approach to understanding and becoming proficient in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“The Greater New York Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is committed to the notion that all children deserve access and exposure to academically stimulating and challenging curricula that will help them achieve future academic and career success in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” says Rhonda Joy McLean, president of GNY Links. “My Links Sisters of the National Trends and International Trends Facets have fully embraced the developing and presenting of programs such as these. We also believe in the power and importance of arts education and added a complementary arts element transforming the event into a STEAM event.”

The full day of activities began with the screening of an original video, “What is Engineering” by Heir-O-Links Kyla Jones and Kendal Askins, with instruction by Ms. Askins about the construction, functions, and differences between serial and parallel circuits.

The instruction was followed by the students having hands-on opportunities to build circuits, design and create artwork, problem-solve, and build the optimal circuits to light the artwork. Each girl received a copy of the book, “What Color Is My World?: The Lost History of African-American Inventors”, courtesy of Link Anita Farrington.

“GNY Links presented this event as a means of expressing our support of the UN’s International Day to recognize the critical role women and girls should and do play in science and technology. We are therefore delighted to partner with NYU Tandon School of Engineering in making this possible,” Rev. Avent adds.

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GNY Links who participated in the event include: Sydney Avent, Nailah Flake-Brown, Lesley Horton Campbell, Michelle Donaldson, Anita Farrington, DeNora Getachew, Sheryl Huggins, Kim Hylton, Debbie Jackson, Ruth “Cookie” Jean, Donna Jones, Jillian Joseph, Yvonne McLeod, Gerri Warren Merrick, Ketly Michel, Gail Monroe-Perry, Helen Shelton, and Minta Spain. Heir-O-Links Kendal Askins, Kianna Jones, Kyla Jones and Michael Kurtz also participated.

The goal for GNY Links is to expand STEM-ulate NY: Future Thinkers into an ongoing program that would be incorporated into an umbrella effort to bring other like-minded partners together in this important.

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