Give the gift of chocolate this holiday season with Norman Love Confections

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When making your holiday gift lists, consider the gift of chocolates from Norman Love Confections. The 2018 Holiday Collection from Norman Love Confections features 10 seasonal chocolate confections inspired by the traditional holiday “naughty or nice” list.

The 2018 Norman Love Confections’ Holiday Collection “nice list features five, festively-named confections filled with the freshest holiday-themed flavors, including Santa (milk chocolate — S’more), Rudolph (dark chocolate — brandied cherry), Candle Light (milk chocolate — gingerbread), Christmas Carol (dark chocolate — java jingle) and Pumpkin Pie (white chocolate — pumpkin pie). Those on the “naughty list” come as no surprise, and include the Abominable Snowman (white chocolate — eggnog), Lump of Coal (dark chocolate — hot cocoa), Scrooge (white chocolate — candy cane), Winter Freeze (milk chocolate — white Christmas) and the Grinch (dark chocolate — mint patty).

Norman Love Confections’ 2018 Holiday Collection is available for online pre-orders starting Monday, Nov. 5, 2018 at or in Norman Love Confections’ chocolate salons in Fort Myers, Naples and Estero, Florida starting Monday, Nov. 19. An assortment of the holiday flavors will be included in 25- and 50-piece green signature gift boxes, along with a selection of Norman Love’s award-winning signature flavors. The holiday gift boxes are priced at $52.50 and $100 respectively.

Norman Love Confections has also created a special, limited-edition candy cane-shaped gift box that includes all 10 chocolates from the holiday collection for $27. In addition, gift baskets filled with a variety of gourmet chocolate holiday items will also be available, including the monthly “mystery boxes” filled with a themed assortment of four to five chocolate treats and limited-edition offerings, delivered to the recipient’s home.


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Santa — S’more (Milk Chocolate) — Roasted marshmallows and graham crackers

Rudolph — Brandied Cherry (Dark Chocolate) — Dark brandied cherries soaked in a bittersweet ganache

Candle Light — Gingerbread (Milk Chocolate) — Freshly baked gingersnap cookie crumbles

Christmas Carol — Java Jingle (Dark Chocolate) — Coffee with a hint of holiday spice

Pumpkin Pie — (White chocolate) — Freshly baked pumpkin with holiday spices


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Abominable Snowman — Eggnog (White Chocolate) — Infused with nutmeg, clove and dark rum

Lump of Coal — Hot Cocoa (Dark Chocolate) — Spiced with chipotle pepper

Scrooge — Candy Cane (White Chocolate) — Crushed candy canes in a creamy ganache

Winter Freeze — White Christmas (Milk Chocolate) — Ground hazelnut praline in a cinnamon ganache

Grinch — Mint Patty (Dark Chocolate) — Peppermint mixed into dark chocolate

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