Get Ready To Serve Up Some Fall Recipes In This Beautifully Designed Dutch Oven

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Lagostina, a leading manufacturer of premium Italian cookware, is collaborating with Giada De Laurentiis. As part of Lagostina’s ongoing “Bring Back the Sunday Dinner” campaign, De Laurentiis is working with the brand to encourage families and friends around the world to sit down and share a meal together, highlighting the memories created around the dinner table.

In conjunction with the partnership, Giada’s limited edition, versatile 4 Qt. Covered Stainless Steel Dutch Oven ($49.99) is now available for purchase at Macy’s and Amazon!

Exclusively designed with the famed Italian chef, this signature Dutch Oven features a thick copper base for superior heat conduction to easily sauté, braise, slow cook, roast and more. This polished stainless steel cooking vessel can seamlessly go from stove to table, making homemade meals easier than ever!

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