Eone Debuts Bradley Apex Timepiece ft. NATO Strap in Honor of Veterans Day

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We are happy to share the news that Eone, the world’s most inclusive timepiece brand, just released a new watch style, the Bradley Apex. This November a portion of proceeds will benefit Navy Special Operations (NSO) personnel and their families in honor of Veterans Day, through the Navy Special Operations Foundation.

Inspired by the brand’s spokesman, Bradley Snyder, Eone’s fascinating design features raised hour markers and rotating ball bearings allowing the wearer the ability to tell time by both sight and touch.

Snyder is a former naval officer who became blind defusing bombs in Afghanistan. Since his injury he has remained committed to letting his injury propel him forward, overcoming adversities to become an award-winning Paralympic swimmer, author, and inspiration.

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Available for pre-order today in either black or silver with a midnight nylon strap, moss nylon strap, beige nylon strap, black nylon strap, tan leather strap, sand leather strap, or black leather strap.

The Eone Bradley Apex ft. NATO straps retails for $260.00 on eone-time.com.

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