Enjoy Halloween Cocktails & Seafood Items From Ocean Prime NYC

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We here at, Medium want to share two spooky treats from OCEAN PRIME New York that guests can either come in and enjoy or create at home based on the recipes below.

Both the Berries & Bubbles Cocktail and “Smoking” Shellfish Tower are made with dry ice — perfect for video — and to celebrate the most frightful of holidays.

OCEAN PRIME’s Berries & Bubbles

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· 1 ¼ ounce Belvedere Citrus Vodka

· ¾ ounce Crème de Cassis

· 1 ½ ounce sour mix

· 1-ounce Domaine Chandon Brut

· Fresh berries

· Dry ice

1) Combine Belvedere Citrus Vodka, Crème de Cassis and sour in a mixing tin.
2) Add ice, shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass containing a spoonful of berries and a piece of dry ice.
3) Finish cocktail with a float of Domaine Chandon Brut.

OCEAN PRIME’s Smoking Shellfish Tower

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Mix and Match Selection:

· Crab Legs or Claws, boiled

· Shucked Oysters and/or clams

· Shelled, deveined and boiled Shrimp

· Crab Meat

· Whole Lobster


· Lemon

· Horseradish

· Cocktail Sauce (see recipe below)

· Crab Louie (see recipe below)


· Crushed Ice

· Dry Ice Chips (Optional)

· Blanched Seaweed

· Parsley

· 3-Tiered Serving Stand

· Ramekins for sauces

Ocean Prime Cocktail Sauce (yields one quart):

· 1/4 Can #10 Chili Sauce

· 1/4 Can #10 Ketchup

· 1 Cup Horseradish

· 1/8 cup Worcestershire Sauce

· 1/4 cup Fresh Lemon Juice

· Tabasco, salt, pepper to taste

Ocean Prime Crab Louie (yields one quart):

· 3 ¼ Cup Mayo

· 3/4 Cup Chili Sauce

· 1/3 Cup Red Wine Vinegar

· 1 ½ Tablespoons Minced Garlic

· Salt pepper to taste

Unsure of how much seafood to purchase? A handy guide: ½ pound of crab legs will likely serve about three people, while a whole lobster will accommodate four. It’s safe to allot for one oyster and two shrimp per person.


Fill your three tiers or serving platters with crushed ice, adding until it is perfectly level across the top of their rims. Place a ramekin or small goblet of crab cocktail in the center of your top serving tier. Arrange the shrimp in the crushed ice around the ramekin.

On the next tier below, garnish the pan with seaweed, spreading it out as much as possible. Place the oysters or other shellfish in the crushed ice with a ramekin of cocktail sauce and a dollop of horseradish in the middle. Garnish this tier with a lemon wedge.

On the bottom and largest tier, place the whole lobster and/or crab legs. Also include a ramekin of cocktail sauce and a ramekin of crab louie on this tier. Garnish with parsley sprigs and two lemon wedges.

Feel free to play with the order and arrangement of your tower, depending on the amount of shellfish. It’s best to always keep like ingredients together (all the shrimp on one tier, all the oysters on another) and to keep the shellfish on the same level as their appropriate garnish or sauce for convenience.


When selecting ingredients, choose a local fishmonger that you know and trust (not an amateur fisherman selling their catch on the docks)! You’ll get the best seafood (and the best prices), if you stick with local and seasonal seafood. Stone crabs will be plentiful this time of year in Florida, while in Boston and the East Coast, whole lobster will be plentiful locally. Based on the available selection, you may want to consider including scallops or mussels to your tower.

Always rely on your senses when choosing your fish — the color should be vibrant, there should be no fishy odor and the fish should not seem slimy.

Likely, your shrimp and crab meat will be frozen when you purchase it, so it’s doubly important that you trust your source!

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Tony Bowles is one of the youngest sought out journalists in the media world. He focuses on lifestyle, travel, entertainment, food and more! Based out of NYC.

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