Enhance Your Instagram Feed with this Miami Workshop

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The Gates South Beach has some exciting news with its newly launched photography workshop!

Ideally situated on bustling Collins Ave., the newly renovated The Gates Hotel South Beach enjoys a vibrant partnership with local photographer, Jorge De La Torriente — the 2018 Hasselblad Masters award winner for the aerial photographer category.

With the first of three quarterly workshops taking place Sept. 14–17 and Nov. 9–12, 2018), amateurs and professionals alike are invited to learn from the master, deep-diving into Jorge’s unique techniques.

The workshop will include a special focus on social media and how to capture Instagram-worthy shots for the modern day photographer. Check out Jorge’s Instagram page HERE to see what we mean.

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With package rates starting at $2,775 (plus taxes) attendees will receive a ‘behind the lens’ experience complete with:

  • Daily sessions in the field coupled with personal, classroom style lessons
  • Accommodations at Gates South Beach
  • An aerial helicopter photography lesson
  • Framed workshop image (allowing participants to take a piece of Miami Beach home)
  • On-site meals

Due to the highly anticipated interest and limited slots (8 slots total), participants are required to submit an image of their choice to MIAMH_GM@Hilton.com, or tag #UnlockSouthBeach and #UnlockPhotography via one of their social channels, to be considered.

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