Drink like a Hamptonite with the Summer’s Coolest Champagne Cocktail

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Rejoice this summer’s most-sipped cocktail served at the Hampton’s home away from home: The Surf Lodge. Recently debuted at the Montauk establishment’s menu, the ‘Moët Ice Cold cocktail highlights the ‘champagne on ice’ trend as a refreshing new option for summer imbibers.

With floral notes from elderflower liqueur, the Moët Ice Cold is a delicious testament to the Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial — the first-ever champagne designed to be enjoyed specifically over ice.

Whether looking for the best place in the Hamptons to enjoy a bubbly sip, or simply seeking a new cocktail to make at your Labor Day soirees, the Moët Ice Cold is the perfect way to cool down this summer.

Hampton-goers can also enjoy a simple glass of Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial and Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial Rosé, both offered on The Surf Lodge menu. ‘Champagne on ice’ is the latest style of drinking one of the most classic and revered wines that we’ve been waiting for and here to get you through the heat for the rest of the season!

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