Dom Pérignon x Lenny Kravitz To Release Limited Edition Items This November

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It turns out that every once in a while that we receive some good news and today we are happy to share the news of the continuance of Dom Pérignon’s partnership with Lenny Kravitz, this November Kravitz is exercising his talent as a designer and will release a collection of three limited edition Dom Pérignon items created at his Kravitz Design studio.

Inspired by the experience of bringing people together for a moment of celebration, Kravitz has created a chic limited edition gift box, candelabra box and table-bar. For Dom Pérignon, Kravitz is elevating champagne tasting to a ritual.

For additional information on each item, please see below. Please let me know if you would like additional information, high res images, connect you with a Dom Pérignon spokesperson, and/or have any questions.

Lenny Kravitz x Dom Pérignon Limited Edition Gift Box (750ml)

Lenny Kravitz enhances the iconic label by borrowing from the craft of goldsmiths to work hammered metal on the surface of the shield, creating a patina that lends the metal an inalterable contemporary vibe. Limited editions of the Vintage 2008 (MSRP: $199.00) and Rosé Vintage 2006 (MSRP: $349.00) will be released with this exceptional shield.

Lenny Kravitz x Dom Pérignon Candelabra Box (1500ml)

Auras and the atmosphere set the tone for celebrations and rituals. Lenny Kravitz has created a box for the Vintage 2008 magnum that transforms into a candelabra to enhance the Dom Pérignon ritual and heighten the moment. The candelabra is velvet lined case, inspired by snakeskin, the box texture and the grapevines engraved around the label of the bottle reveal the creative hand of an artist engaged with naturalist elements. The Candelbra box includes 4 candles and is retailing for $3,650.00

Lenny Kravitz x Dom Pérignon Table Bar

The masterpiece of the collection is a table-champagne bar. The black lacquer table with brushed brass trim unfolds to reveal bottles of Dom Pérignon, glasses, and ice bucket in the center. The sleek design ties together the atmosphere: open the table, light the candelabra, and savor Dom Pérignon, gazing at the label shimmering in the soft candlelight. Table Bar pricing upon request.

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