Discovery launches new #Mindblown app as its STEM campaign meets AR tech

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Discovery recently announced the new Discovery #MINDBLOWN app, which is the latest offering in the #MINDBLOWN series of STEM-focused digital and consumer products for kids. The #MINDBLOWN app will offer users the opportunity to learn more about five targeted topics of interest — Animals and Dinosaurs, Space and Planets, Humans, Machines and Robotics, andOur Earth — through exciting videos, interactive games and Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The app will be available for download in the App Store today, February 15.

Found at the intersection of exploration, curiosity and STEM-based edutainment, Discovery’s brand extension Discovery #MINDBLOWN debuted in retail in 2018 with a wide range of toys for kids ages six to 12. The app will continue to build upon the overall #MINDBLOWN mission to bring STEM education to kids through fun learning opportunities and hands-on experiences. Discovery #MINDBLOWN is a purpose-driven brand rooted in Discovery’s overall guiding principles, which are now available on the go with the app.

“STEM learning is at the heart of Discovery’s core company values, and the #MINDBLOWN brand has allowed us to reach a younger audience of curious fans,” said Matt Bonaccorso, Director, Marketing and Digital Products at Discovery. “#MINDBLOWN dovetails with Discovery’s mission of creativity and curiosity, and now with the app we are able to deliver a unique, interactive experience to a global audience of kids.”

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In the #MINDBLOWN app, kids can explore a custom linear content experience within their favorite topic. Whether that topic is Animals and Dinosaurs or Space and Planets, users will be treated to a five-minute stream of content including long and short form videos, GIFs and special #MINDBLOWN Blast episodes created specifically for the app.

Users will also be able to participate in interactive games to earn virtual money, which can be redeemed in-app for custom experiences, premium items and special offers from Discovery partners. The app also includes cutting-edge AR technology, including 3D visualizations that will allow the #MINDBLOWN world to come to life right through the screen.

Drawing inspiration from Discovery’s thousands of hours of compelling STEM programming on Discovery Channel and Science Channel, Discovery #MINDBLOWN is also supported by Discovery Education’s powerful in-school curriculum. Discovery #MINDBLOWN plans to inspire young fans to explore and learn about the world around them by offering exciting hands-on experiences through toys, games and now the #MINDBLOWN app. Check out more information at

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