Demi Lovato & CAST On Tour Launch Contest To Promote Mental Wellness

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Having bravely shared her personal struggle with depression, bulimia and addiction, Demi Lovato will commemorate her six-year anniversary of sobriety by asking others to come out of the shadows to help people do the same. Lovato and CAST on Tour have launched a contest to give one person the platform to share their own personal story of recovery.

For every stop on Lovato’s North American tour, CAST on Tour hosts a free pre-show forum for concert ticketholders on mental health awareness, with the goal of erasing the stigma around seeking help. The winner of the contest will participate as a speaker in Tampa, Florida on March 31. Transportation and hotel is included. Mike Bayer, founder/CEO of CAST Centers, will provide a private coaching session to prepare for the talk. The winner will be chosen March 27 on CAST on Tour Instagram.

The contest is open to anyone with a compelling personal story to tell, describing how they recovered from addiction, anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, or something that affected their mental health. Please see entry requirements here:

CAST on Tour is sponsored by CAST Foundation, the nonprofit arm of CAST Centers, the nation’s premier mental health and wellness advocate.

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