D.O.G Releases New Video In NYC At Exclusive Party

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The group D.O.G (Dirty Old Gangsters) released their music video for “NOT TONIGHT BRO” at NYC hotspot Goldbar on Wednesday, April 26th. D.O.G is a NYC based crunchy, guitar driven, have a good time, in your face hard rock band, fusing elements of Punk, Glam, and Classic Rock, creating a familiar, fun “we don’t take ourselves too seriously” sound.

Over 200 friends and fans came to rock out with lead singer, guitarist, and frontman Wass Stevens, bassist Alex (Alex v) Valenti, guitarist JJ Sansaverino, keyboardist Ricky (Ricky T) Tepperberg and drummer Mike Severing who performed live and debuted the video of their new single off their EP New York City Hustle. The packed house was sponsored by Cazadores Tequila and the group was outfitted with custom made D.O.G leather vests and jackets from DKNY.

The video, that is a parody on the nightlife scene, has cameos by celebrity friends including Wilmer Valderrama, The Chainsmokers, Chace Crawford, John Stamos and Bob Saget.

“Not Tonight Bro” is the iconic go-to rejection catch phrase of Wass Stevens, who is NYC’s most legendary and infamous doorman, TAO Group Partner, co-owner of Rivington Tattoo, and actor, currently on NBC’s TAKEN.

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