COÇA PURA Tequila Officially Launches Just In Time For The Holidays

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COÇA PURA, the newest tequila on the market, launched this week by hosting and partaking in various events throughout New York City.

Each event was a testament to the brands ethos, combining luxury and a good time with high-end craft cocktails and food.

Meaning “the purest thing” in English COÇA PURA was created to give a more elegant profile to tequila. Inspired by a trip to James Beard winner Jose Enrique’s restaurant in Puerto Rico, the partners were fascinated by his choice to pair courses with tequila in this predominantly rum-centric region.

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From there, the rest is history. From trips to Jalisco, Mexico to find the perfect distillery, to working closely with chemists and engineers to ensure the purest product, to the bottle design; everything has been a meticulous process to produce the best product.

The tequila is currently being served at Fine & Rare, Proper West, Flatiron Room, Casa Enrique, Rooftop 93, La Cubana, Reserve Cut, La Contenta, UES, BondSt, SHI, Corazon De Mexico, Los Dos, Son Cubano & Las Ventanas.

Tony Bowles is one of the youngest sought out journalists in the media world. He focuses on lifestyle, travel, entertainment, food and more! Based out of NYC.

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