Check It Out Now: Banana Republic’s New Waterless Dyed Denim for Men

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Last week, Banana Republic launched their new Dry Indigo© Traveler denim — a new collection of men’s denim made using 99% less water than traditional dyeing methods.

Developed over a decade ago by Spanish denim mill Tejidos Royo, the innovative foam-dyeing process, Dry Indigo®, can reduce water usage by up to 99%, while also using 89% less chemicals, reducing energy usage by 65% and eliminating water discharge when compared to traditional dyeing methods.

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As one of the first brands to partner with Tejidos Royo to pilot the exclusive technology, Banana Republic is proud to produce this special collection of denim that is comparable in hand-feel, aesthetic, performance, and washability to traditionally dyed denim.

Each pair of Banana Republic Dry Indigo® Traveler denim also includes selectively-sourced and sustainable materials for pocketing and trims, such as 100% Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified recycled poly zipper tape.

The Banana Republic Dry Indigo© Traveler Denim collection for men is offered in four washes in a slim fit and is available in-stores and online for $129 beginning today.

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