Chadwick Boseman Teaches Jamie Foxx To Speak Wakandan In Grey Goose “Off Script”

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Last week, Grey Goose and Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx launch the first episode of OFF SCRIPT, starring Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman.

The Grey Goose production follows Foxx as he goes “off script” to have free-flowing and spontaneous conversations with Hollywood’s A-list stars, including Denzel Washington, Melissa McCarthy, Vince Vaughn, Benecio Del Toro, Sarah Silverman, Gabrielle Union and Jeremy Renner. Foxx talks with these iconic actors about their lives, inspirations and the movie moments that matter most to them.

In episode one, Boseman and Foxx sit down for a candid conversation about Black Panther and the global impact of the film — the third highest grossing movie of all time! Boseman comments that, although he usually doesn’t look at the box office results, this achievement gave him a sense of fulfilment, especially since the international numbers equalled the domestic ones. Foxx also reveals that Boseman’s stunts could have been real since he is an accomplished boxer.

The pair joke — “don’t run up on the panther!” and that Boseman’s body guards are there to protect everyone from him! Some of the most hilarious moments in the episode occur when Foxx asks Boseman to “teach him Wakandan,” with the actors reciting some of the most iconic lines from famous movies in a Wakandan accent.

With OFF SCRIPT, Grey Goose is assuming a true production role with full ownership over the creation and execution of the series. A natural extension of the brand’s longstanding dedication to supporting iconic film, OFF SCRIPT is an innovative digital series that will be instantly devoured by viewers due to Foxx’s charisma and the intimate conversations he has with their favorite stars.

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OFF SCRIPT will be distributed online and across social channels, but your readers can click on the following link to see the episodes as they release this summer:

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