Celebrate The Spirit Of Ernest Shackleton With These Cocktails Made By Cocktail Academy LA

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On March 26th, 1910 Ernest Shackleton challenged America to beat him to the South Pole. Inspired by Ernest Shackleton’s tenacity and prowess, Matt Landes of Cocktail Academy LA created the Antarctic Awakening cocktail and Antarctic Refresher cocktail using Shackleton Whisky.

Both cocktails perfectly capture the spirit of Ernest Shackleton, recipes below. Shackleton whisky is perfect for the adventure enthusiast. Find more information on Shackleton Whisky atTheShackletonWhisky.com.

Antarctic Awakening

2oz Shackleton
1oz Coffee bean infused sweet vermouth
2 dashes angostura bitters

Antarctic Refresher

2oz Shackleton
.75oz Honey
.75oz Lemon
Crushed Ice

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