Celebrate Summer with New Twists and Takes on the Tiki Cocktail

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From coast to coast, bartenders are embracing the summer cocktail scene with new twists on tried and true warm weather favorites, in particular, the tiki cocktail. Although traditionally thought of as a haphazard combination of juice, syrup, and cheap rum in a beachy plastic cup, bartenders across the country are beginning to revive the summer sip, this time with the sophistication — both in appearance and taste — that today’s cocktail aficionados desire.

Mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike are turning to premium rums, seeking out darker, aged versions of the spirit which hold the full-bodied taste of a whiskey or scotch.

This eloquently balances out the fruit and floral flavors in the cocktail, creating a refined yet refreshing tiki twist. One such take on the cocktail, the Quimbara (Beehive, San Francisco) is making a name for itself with its frozen slush style — built with Santa Teresa 1796 rum, Aperol, Guava Puree, lime juice, and simple syrup for a refreshing and unique summer cocktail.

As the tiki revival pops up on menus across the country, we’ve included a few additional frontrunners below:

The Quimbara (Beehive, San Francisco)

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1.5 oz Santa Teresa 1796

.5 oz Aperol

1 oz Guava Purée

.75 oz Lime Juice

.25 oz Simple Syrup

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into rocks glass with fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wheel, and tiny umbrella.

Painkiller (Standard Highline)

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2 oz Santa Teresa 1796

1 oz Coconut purée

.5 oz Pineapple juice

.5 oz Lime

.5 oz Ginger syrup

.25 oz Passionfruit purée

Combine ingredients into shaker tin, shake and strain into a footed rocks glass; Garnish with mint and flower (orchid/pansy).

El Machismo — The Standard Hollywood

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1.5 oz Santa Teresa 1796

.5 oz Martini bitter

1 oz Fresh pineapple juice

.75 oz Fresh lime juice

.75 oz Coco Lopez

1 Pinch Mint

Add all ingredients to shaker, add ice, shake

Fine strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice, garnish with mint sprig

Speed Runner (A4CADE, Boston)

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2 oz Blackberry-plantain infused Santa Teresa 1796

.5 oz Lime juice

.5 oz Falernum

.25 oz Demerara syrup

Shake with ice and strain over crushed ice in DOF glass

Garnish with mint sprig, skewered blackberry, and dehydrated plantain slice

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