Celebrate National Tequila Day With These 8 DIY Recipes

Cincoro Margarita

A unique twist on a classic, featuring Cincoro Blanco perfectly balanced with citrus and agave nectar. Served over ice.

Cincoro Old Fashioned

A modern twist of a classic cocktail with Cincoro Anejo with agave nectar and bitters. Served over ice.

Camarena Cantarito

Agave Swizzle

Austin Cocktails Perfect Bergamot Orange Margarita

Spicy Strawberry Lime Margarita

Frozen Margarita

The Grilled Peach Margarita



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Tony Bowles, Contributing Columnist

Tony Bowles, Contributing Columnist


Tony Bowles is one of the youngest sought journalists in the media world. He focuses on lifestyle, travel, entertainment, food, and more! Based in New York City