Celebrate National Steakhouse Month This June At Primal Cut

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National Steakhouse Month is celebrated in June and I am sure you may be interested in figuring out where you can enjoy some of the best bacon, steaks, and wagyu NYC has to offer.

At Primal Cut, steak is always celebrated, but for the month of June they are serving up some serious cuts! Some of Primal Cut’s signature cuts, plus a to-die-for appetizer, are below:

  • Signature Porterhouse for Two — 44 oz. prime cut dry-aged for 28 days. Fun fact: The Porterhouse is technically two high-quality cuts of meats brought together by the infamous “T — Bone “. The Tenderloin portion (aka filet mignon) and the Strip Loin (aka NY Strip) come together for an indulgent steak that boasts the best of both worlds.
  • Aspen Ridge New York Strip — 16 oz. prime cut dry-aged for 28 days. Fun fact: This stunning piece of beef comes from cows put on an all natural, vegetable diet, with absolutely no hormones and no antibiotics added. The herding process itself takes roughly 1.5 years until the cows are ready.
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  • Cedar River Farms Ribeye — 14 oz. choice wet-aged boneless ribeye. Fun fact: Again cows here undergo an all natural diet with absolutely no hormones or antibiotics. Out of all the wonderful all-natural cuts in the world, this is one mouthwatering and a fatty, full of flavor steak.
  • Exceptional Waygu cuts including Japanese Wagyu A5+ Strip, 40 oz. Australian Wagyu Tomahawk, and Seared Wagyu Carpaccio — Fun fact: Primal Cut’s Waygu is all very reasonably priced compared to other steakhouses, come see for yourself.
  • North Country Smokehouse Bacon — This thick-cut bacon is dripping in a delectable maple-bourbon glaze. Fun fact: Not steak but a MUST HAVE, that’s all I need to say.
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The fully rebranded steakhouse on the Upper East Side, boasts a 60-seat dining area and generous bar, with a menu created by Executive Chef Daniel Fleming that focuses on elevated steakhouse staples with fresh and seasonal additions, complemented by dynamic dishes that go outside the lines of a traditional steakhouse. The delicious beverage menu offers tried and true classics, accompanied by creative seasonal cocktails.

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