Celebrate National Coffee Day like a true coffee addict with Krups

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National Coffee Day (which is apparently Sept. 29) is one of those made up holidays that’s easy to get behind. In honor of this made up “holiday,” we’re celebrating all weekend long with some great deals on coffee makers, bean grinders, and more.

NEW KRUPS Savoy 2 Thermobrew Coffee Maker ($49.99 Available at Walmart)

This heavy duty coffee maker allows users to brew up to 12 cups at a time using Patented Thermobrew technology to maintain temperature for optimal extraction. The oversized showerhead evenly wets grounds for a smooth, even brew while the Flavormix Tube retains heat and balance of the coffee flavor which can be adjusted to regular or bold.

KRUPS F203 Grinder (SRP: $19.99 Available at Amazon)

The two-in-one compact and powerful blade grinder grinds coffee perfectly, and can tackle dry spices, fresh herbs, or nuts for your most adventurous seasoning creation. The powerful motor grinds beans from coarse to fine in seconds and the large grinding capacity yields up to 12 cups of coffee. Other features include: lid activated safety switch, oval blade shape for uniform, even grinding, and the design for easy pouring and handling. **It’s a best-seller on Amazon and has over 13K customer reviews

NEW KRUPS Deluxe One-Touch Espresso Machine ($999 Amazon)

This espresso machine brews espresso for hot or iced coffee drinks, bold or regular coffee, and has 3 tea settings (black, green and herbal). With advanced engineering and patented compact thermoblock technology, you’ll get a balanced, rich cup every time. It also features an AutoClean Pressure System and improved grind speed.

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