Celebrate Earth Day Everyday While Traveling

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If you are looking to reduce the carbon footprint year-round, now is your chance! While April 22nd was Earth Day these hotels and tour operators want to make sure Mother Earth is celebrated every single day.

From in-house bottling plants and living walls to conservation programs, each cultivating sustainable tourism programs aiming to make a planet-positive impact not only on the environment, but guest experiences.

ITC Hotels

Dubbed the “World’s Greenest Luxury Hotel Chain,” ITC Hotels’ eco-minded attitude is led by their “Responsible Luxury” mantra, where sustainability and luxury go hand-in-hand. Eco-minded elements range from living walls that lower guests carbon footprint, eco-easy services like on-site bottling plants and community programs that utilize excess water to help maintain New Delhi’s Central Ridge the “lungs of the city.”

A total of five of ITC Luxury Collection hotels are powered by renewable energy that can meet the electrical energy required to light up a 2,000 km highway stretch for a year. With its latest edition, ITC Kohenur, set to open in Hyderabad in June, the brand will continue its legacy as an LEED certified property boasting vertical gardens, use to solar panels and more.

Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa & Casino

As Aruba is at the forefront of the “green” revolution, Hyatt Regency Aruba shows their support for the island’s initiative through the Hyatt Thrive Program, centered on giving back to the island and the people that have helped the resort become what it is.

Hyatt Regency has harnessed the use of solar energy, which heats the water used in the hotel, organized an in-house audit program that monitors accuracy of green initiatives and employed a dedicated in-house green team that manages the property’s EMBRACE project (Employees Maintaining, Beautifying, Revitalizing Authentic Cultural Elements).

Enchantment Resort, Scottsdale Arizona

Enchantment Resort, located in the Boynton Canyon, whose essence and goals are based in incorporating the Native American influences of the surrounding area take great strides in giving back to the land and community. In conjunction with Enchantment Resort’s 30th anniversary celebration the $5 fee for guided hiking and biking activities will be set aside in the Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund to honor and preserve the surrounding red rock landscape.

Enchantment’s eco-friendly initiatives start with children through Camp Coyote, which offers activities that include fun-filled science experiments, educational activities that help preserve the canyon and more.

The ongoing “green” efforts include teaching purchasing local goods and services to reduce the carbon footprint, offering organic wines and key cards made from renewable crops, using biodegradable cleaning agents, composting landscape cuttings, and far more.

Peregrine Adventures

Small group tour operator Peregrine Adventures offers travelers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, while minimizing their carbon footprint. As part of its commitment to sustainable tourism, the carbon-neutral travel company recently announced ban on single-use plastics such as straws, cups, and water bottles on-board its adventure cruising exclusive charter trips, providing passengers with reusable cloth bags and refillable water bottles. While conventional big ship cruising can be all about life on the boat and excess consumption.

Peregrine’s style of small ship adventure cruising is more about responsibly exploring destinations. The ships carry only 30–50 people, minimizing overcrowding on-board and the impact on local communities, compared to cruises that overwhelm ports with thousands of travelers pouring in at once. Off the ship, explore far into destinations, even taking day trips across borders like on Croatia Coastal Cruising — Split to Dubrovnik.

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