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As you’ve likely seen by now, Mr. Ben Affleck himself is the culprit behind a tattoo scandal so big, its currently trending on Twitter Moments.

Why the controversy? Two years ago, the Justice League actor insisted his giant back tattoo of a rising phoenix was fake, and that he was just sporting it for a movie. Yet recently, the star was photographed shirtless on the beach with the same body art, and people have had a lot to say.

Is this tattoo tragic? One could probably get away with that assessment. Though Ben is getting dragged online for the questionable artwork, there’s a silver lining that no one is talking about: his shorts! Ben is sporting Vuori’s Kore Short in Navy Micro Dot.

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Built for yoga, training, running or chilling, The Kore is made from a lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric and boasts a built-in Coolmax anti-odor liner so guys like Ben can go commando with confidence. The liner was made with comfort in mind so it’s supportive, but not overly compressive. Vuori created the Kore because they wanted a versatile athletic short that performed in a wide range of activities, but also looked great outside the gym.

In summary: The tattoo? Not the smartest. The gear? Definitely the smartest. Lets give Ben credit where credit is due.

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