Bombay Sapphire & Jessica Walsh Unveils Creativity Text Hotline on World Creativity Day

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In celebration of World Creativity Day, Bombay Sapphire is launching a Creativity Text Message Hotline — in collaboration with creative director and entrepreneur Jessica Walsh — to engage communities, answer questions, and offer insider tips on how to be creative in the comfort of our homes.

By simply texting ‘Create from home’ to ‘31996’ between the hours of 3PM-7PM EST on April 21, the limited time free SMS service will provide people live and direct access to Jessica and Bombay Sapphire Brand Ambassador Ryan Wainwright who can offer personalized creative and cocktail tips to anyone during this time.

On the heels of the debut of Create From Home — an online initiative offering complimentary online classes and workshops with digital platforms including Hunker and Society6 — earlier this month, Bombay Sapphire remains as committed as ever to its mission of inspiring communities and enabling creative self-expression. World Creativity Day serves as a reminder of the power creativity holds in connecting us with ourselves and others during this time of self-isolation.

Recent studies have shown that self-isolation leads to increased stress and insomnia, and creativity is one of the most effective ways to mitigate the impact, increasing happiness, helping to manage negative emotions and boosting the immune system. Incorporating design, education, and cocktail creativity with the send of a text, the hotline offers an approachable and exclusive experience through 1:1 access to Jessica and Ryan, creative experts in their field, to help people explore their inner artist (and home bartending skills!).

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