Best Tequilas for Shaking, Stirring, & Sipping at Unbelievable price points

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Are you a fan of tequila? We sure hope you are! We’re confident that tequila fans everywhere have a preference as to how they enjoy this special agave spirit.

Whether shaken or stirred in a tasty cocktail, sipped neat or on the rocks, there’s no wrong way to imbibe here. Why pay an arm and a leg for the good stuff if one can grab these bottles at unbelievably reasonable price points with undoubtedly excellent quality and taste?!

We’re not sure why one would either…

Check out these bottles from Espolòn Tequila. Not only do they look great on a back bar or on a home bar cart, but Espolòn Tequila uses traditional Mexican methods to create products of outstanding taste/quality with outstanding price points. Enjoy on Cinco de Mayo or all Summer long.

For Shaking…

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Under $30

Unaged, Blanco is the purest expression of Espolòn tequila. Created in the famed hills of Los Altos, the Blanco tequila is double distilled using column and pot stills to give it a perfectly smooth and balanced taste profile. Great on the rocks, this is the one you’ll love shaking into all the best tequila cocktails.


COLOR: Clear with platinum cast.

NOSE: Delicate, sweet agave; floral, tropical fruit and lemon zest aromas; hint of pepper.

TASTE: Soft mouthfeel, light-to medium-bodied palate with bright agave flavor; notes of pepper, vanilla bean, grilled pineapple and spice. Elegant, clean finish that ends with a hint of spice.

For Sharing…

Under $40

The tequila Reposado starts its life as Blanco. It’s then rested in lightly charred, new American oak barrels to create a more complex and well-rounded character uniquely Espolòn. This one begs to be shared in cocktails that deserve even greater tequila character.


COLOR: Rich, golden hue.

NOSE: Spicy with a hint of caramel fudge.

TASTE: Bold, round palate, medium to full bodied with a rich roasted agave; sweet tropical fruit, vanilla and brown spices. Long spicy finish.

For Sipping…

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Under $50

The Añejo starts as Blanco and finishes as something entirely unique. First aged in new American oak for 10 months, it’s then placed into deeply charred bourbon whiskey barrels and aged two months longer to create a tequila rich in character with a taste all its own. This one deserves to be sipped, alone or with an ice cube.


COLOR: Beautifully bright with a reddish-gold hue.

NOSE: Complex balance of roasted agave and wood, with hints of dried fruits and butterscotch.

TASTE: Medium to full bodied. Wonderfully balanced with velvety mouthfeel. Subtle notes of caramel, vanilla, dried fruits and even chocolate, aimed at discerning palates.

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