Barefoot Taps Mindy Kaling for New Boxed Wine Launch

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Forget FOMO, Mindy Kaling’s Joy of Missing Out Masterclass with “Barefoot On Tap” Teaches How to Finally Enjoy That Quiet Night at Home! Barefoot, teamed up with everyone’s favorite celeb BFF, Mindy Kaling, to educate fans nationwide about the latest social phenomenon sweeping the country: JOMO — the “Joy of Missing Out.”

An about-face to its “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO) counterpart, JOMO invites consumers to embrace a night in with a glass of Barefoot, even if that means getting creative with an excuse to cancel plans! The collaboration celebrates the launch of Barefoot’s latest product, Barefoot On Tap, the new three-liter box featuring the same great wine Barefoot fans enjoy and trust.

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In a series of hilarious short videos released digitally across social media, Barefoot’s website and YouTube, Mindy perfectly demonstrates the best reasons to tap into JOMO, including:

Enjoying your favorite TV show on the couch

Skipping out on a night of dancing, Mindy opts to enjoy a date night with her DVR instead. Sounds like a win!

Getting creative with your excuses

Want to stay in but having trouble coming up with an excuse to bail on a birthday celebration? Mindy delivers a masterclass on generating creative excuses to un-RSVP from a night out.

Relaxing and having a girls’ night in

Does a quiet night at home with takeout and PJs sound better than a dinner out? Mindy whips up the handy excuse of a girls’ night in with some takeout. Inviting the delivery person to join is, of course, optional.

The ultimate JOMO companion, Barefoot On Tap, is available nationwide in six delicious varietals [Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Rose, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir] and holds four bottles of wine in every box. Barefoot On Tap comes in an airtight bag that isn’t exposed to oxygen when you pour a glass, ensuring that your first glass of wine is as fresh as your last with 30 days of freshness guaranteed. That means Barefoot On Tap is always ready when you are!

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“In our uniquely Barefoot way, we offer fans a fun and creative way to experience the joy of missing out,” said Anna Bell, Vice President of Marketing at Barefoot. “We’ve all had those nights where curling up on the couch sounds so much better than going out. We hope Mindy’s message encourages people to embrace that night in with a glass of Barefoot On Tap!”

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