Banana Republic Celebrates Black History Month with New Spring Campaign

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Last week, Banana Republic launched its spring ad campaign in honor of Black History Month. The campaign was concepted in-house by Creative Director Len Peltier and celebrates people, style and community through the lens of a group of black artists and visionaries.

At the heart of the campaign, two films showcase profiles on Chinaka Hodge — poet, screenwriter and spoken word artist — and Jon Boogz — dancer, movement artist and director.

Chinaka’s video is particularly timely given last week’s women’s march in NYC and within the current cultural landscape of women’s empowerment. In the video, she delivers a strong feminist poem dressed in the brand’s iconic empowerment suit. She begins, “don’t let me put words in your mouth,” and goes on to say, “hear this: every woman near is a monument to persistence.”

Banana Republic has also announced the expansion of our True Hues collection — an inclusive range of nude necessities — with the introduction of new shades and styles for spring.

Originally launched during Diversity Month in April 2019, True Hues is a result of the work of its Color Proud Council — Gap Inc.’s first product inclusion initiative, with the mission of bringing diversity to the bottom line of the business by improving product education and pipeline, as well as talent acquisition and retention.

Color Proud works hand in hand with brand and Gap Inc. leadership and key employees to address inclusivity on all fronts — through tackling bias in the way designs are sketched to the creation of actual products in stores.

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