Balenciaga Launches the New LED Frame Sunglasses During Summer 20 Fashion Show

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The Balenciaga Summer 20 Eyewear collection introduces the LED Frame, combining a sleek new style with the brand’s continuous commitment to utilizing technology in innovative ways.

The bold, rectangular frame sits on thick, tapering arms, one of which contains a lightweight LED system that illuminates the Balenciaga logo. The logo animates in multiple colors and patterns, controllable with a tap sensor.

The logo lights up when the sunglasses’ arms are fully extended and turns off when they are closed, placed upside down on a surface for over five seconds, or tapped three times.

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The light can either blink, remain static, or fade from one color to another, in blue, red, green, purple, yellow, and white, depending on the wearer’s wishes. The internal battery is easily chargeable thanks to a USB cable.

Originally inspired by light-up sneakers popular in the Nineties, and referencing a line of shoes and boots introduced in the Summer 19 runway show, the Balenciaga LED Frame is also rooted in the universe of speculative science fiction due to its use of today’s technology.

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