August is National Peach Month! Celebrate with Stella Rosa’s NEW Peach Flavor Aluminums

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Now that August, National Peach Month, has officially kicked off, toast to Stella Rosa®’s new peach aluminums all summer long! With easily twistable caps and fun packaging, these Stella Rosa aluminums are perfect for all activities and lifestyles.

The wine for anytime, the Riboli Family created Stella Rosa Peach Aluminums with a proprietary blend of several white grape varietals including Moscato with an addition of natural peach flavors that make it truly distinct.

The new Stella Rosa® Peach Aluminums contain natural carbonation from using a Charmat-style of fermentation in pressurized tanks, which produces the alcohol and carbonation simultaneously. With an alcohol level of 5.5% and a residual sugar level of 10%, this Stella Rosa® Peach Aluminumis suitable for all types of activities and lifestyles.

Delicate and crisp, this wine will accompany everything from pizza and pasta to fresh fruits and desserts. Riboli Family Wines’ Stella Rosa® Peach Aluminums strikes the perfect balance of sweetness that will have your friends coming to join the party!

Stella Rosa® Peach Aluminums are being rolled out to retailers across the country throughout the remainder of summer into fall with an SRP of $3.99 for individual bottles and $12.99 for the 4-pack.

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