Audi Seeks Gift Tester with Holiday Commercial

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This holiday season, the North Pole residents are calling in back up to test the most coveted item on every grown-up’s wish list — the 2019 all-electric Audi e-tron SUV. In this holiday-themed video, Santa’s Director of Elven Resources looks to recruit the ultimate gift tester to make sure each item is worthy of the sleigh.

The digital short, The Gift Tester,” was directed by Alice Mathias and stars actress Suzanne Cryer.

In the video, viewers are transported to a section of Santa’s workshop where gifts are tested before they are shipped out in time for the holidays. Cryer, who plays Santa’s Director of Elven Resources is short-staffed and on the look-out for her next new hire — The Gift Tester.

Cryer explains that every year gift testers play, prance, and frolic with the hottest gifts. The Gift Tester is someone who wants to escape the ordinary, someone who embodies the holiday spirt, and someone with an enthusiasm for driving.

Viewers can apply today through November 20, 2019 on by answering questions and submitting a video explaining why they are the top candidate for the job. Audi will interview select applicants over video chat and the chosen Gift Tester will take the Audi e-tron through holiday-themed trials which will be released as a series of social videos across Audi content platforms.

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