Audi and James Beard Foundation champion chefs who ‘Hold Nothing Back’

  • Ashley Christensen (Nashville) — In 2019, Christensen earned the James Beard Outstanding Chef Award, the Foundation’s highest individual honor. Christensen owns six restaurants in Raleigh, North Carolina, including Poole’s Diner. She previously earned Eater’s Chef of the Year award in 2017.
  • Angie Mar (Pittsburgh) — Mar is a Seattle, Washington native and comes from a family of food lovers and restaurateurs. A James Beard Award nominee, she is also the owner and head chef of the Beatrice Inn in New York City and was a former Food & Wine Best New Chef.
  • Nina Compton (Minneapolis) — Compton, originally from St. Lucia, is a James Beard award winner and former Food & Wine Best New Chef. She owns Compere Lapin and Bywater American Bistro in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Daniela Soto-Innes (Seattle) — A Mexico City native and James Beard Award winner, Soto-Innes is the chef partner behind the internationally renowned Cosme and sister restaurant ATLA in New York City, and recently was named World’s Best Female Chef.
  • Nashville –Ann Marshall (High Wire Distilling Company, Charleston, SC) & Joanne Canady-Brown (The Gingered Peach, Lawrenceville, NJ
  • Pittsburgh — Sandra Cordero (Gasolina Cafe, Los Angeles) and Ping Ho (Marrow & The Royce, Detroit)
  • Minneapolis — Katy Gerdes (Angel Food Bakery & Donut Bar, Minneapolis, MN) and Caitlin Corcoran (Ca Va, Kansas City, MO)
  • Seattle — Kelly Fields (Willa Jean, New Orleans) and Daniella Senior (Colada Shop, Bresca, Washington, DC)



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Tony Bowles, Contributing Columnist

Tony Bowles, Contributing Columnist

Tony Bowles is one of the youngest sought journalists in the media world. He focuses on lifestyle, travel, entertainment, food, and more! Based in New York City