A winery that celebrates nature’s balance, on the most balanced day of the year

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Twice a year the sun passes through the celestial equator resulting in a day and night of equal length, which signifies to many that nature is at its most balanced.

On September 23rd, the Fall Equinox, pour a fitting glass of equally balanced red wine to mark the occasion, Bonterra Organic Vineyards’ Equinox Red (SRP $16).

Bonterra grows their wine organically and sustainably, treating the land with deep respect and striving for balance in their vineyards and wines. As the Fall Equinox resets nature’s balance for the remainder of the year, the wine of choice for the season should match these ideals.

Leading with Merlot, this Bonterra Equinox Red blend is elegant and complex with a touch of Petit Sirah adding gorgeous color and a rich, rustic element to the wine. The supple wine offers notes of juicy red and black fruit matched with a patina of intriguing spice, herb and oak tones.

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