A Small Business Pitching in to Help Hurricane Victims includes NYC’s Top Cleaning & Restoration Business Madame Paulette

With the unprecedented massive natural disasters devastating our country, small businesses are stepping up to the plate and helping out in any way that they can. I wanted to share with you one notable example in case you may want to include it in any features or possibly set up an interview with business owner John Mahdessian.

Heavy rain, storm surges and flooding has caused severe damage to personal possessions across the country. John Mahdessian’s world leading cleaning and restoration group Madame Paulette is available 24/7 to assist those effected by these natural disasters. They specialize in restoring any personal property, garments, interior textiles or home furnishings, including fine art that have water or flood damage.

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Madame Paulette is now working with premier insurance companies, including Chubb Masterpiece, Chartis and Ace Private Client Groups, and major restoration companies to make the process less stressful and worry free and also offering complimentary shipping from across the country via UPS.

Madame Paulette is also offering a free on-site evaluation and consultation to help mitigate any losses and will work with those who can’t afford the costs and are uninsured. Off-site evaluations are also being conducted utilizing digital photo(s).

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