7 Pound — 7 Cheese Stuffed Taco at Bodega Negra at Dream Downtown

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Mexican hot-spot Bodega Negra at Dream Downtown is launching a 7 POUND limited-edition dish — ¡Taco Enorme! — filled to the brim with over 15 ingredients including: 7 types of cheeses and waygu beef, just for starters!

Priced at $65, the dish created by Chef de Cuisine, Victor Santibañez in collaboration with Executive Chef Brad Warner is exclusively available from October 4 — October 10 for up to 6 people, cut and served table-side.

  • 15 INGREDIENTS = (1) chihuahua, (2) queso oaxaca (3) goat cheese (4) queso cotija (5) queso fresco (6) jack cheese (7) gouda, (8) wagyu beef (9) Mexican truffle oil (10) poblano peppers (11) caramelized onions (12) salsa cascabel (13) chipotle guacamole (14) crispy corn tortillas (15) flour tortillas

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