7 Moons Wine Introduces New 2017 Dark Side Red Blend

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7 Moons’ has a new 2017 Dark Side Red Blend, which offers bold and rich flavors, but can easily be enjoyed any night of the week.

Aromas of currant, blackberry, toasty oak, and flavors of dark berry, caramel, and brown sugar end in a smooth, rich finish.

The wine’s easy drinking flavors make 7 Moons Dark Side Red Blend a go to for winding down in the evening and pairing with foods like BBQ chicken and Italian caprese salad.

The 2017 growing season saw significant rainfall throughout the state, ending a five-year drought.

This much needed rain refilled the reservoirs and replenished the soils. In many regions, harvest began early and at a normal pace, and progressed quickly during a heat wave in late August and early September.

Temperatures cooled in mid-September, slowing the harvest pace and allowing the grapes to ripen gradually and develop a nice color. The resulting wines display excellent color and flavor.

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