3 Things that Set the FACUNDO Rum Collection Apart from Other Premium Spirits

Following in tequila’s footsteps, premium rums and sipping rums are on the rise. What has largely been missing from the selection of spirits you see on liquor store shelves is an unparalleled, high end, luxury sipping rum, which the FACUNDO Rum Collection seeks to remedy.

While premium rums aim to fill the near-vacant spot in the industry, FACUNDO hopes to appeal to consumers who have a palate for extra-aged spirits, and fill the void of ultra-premium rums on shelves. Below you’ll find three things that set the FACUNDO Rum Collection apart from other premium spirits.

The FACUNDO Rum Collection is the first-ever collection of four aged sipping rums taken from the Bacardi family’s private reserves. It is a tribute to Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso and his relentless pursuit of producing rums of unsurpassed quality and refinement. At an event in celebration of the Company’s 150th anniversary in 2012, the family decided to share their treasured reserves and launch a Collection that had never been accessible to the public before.

Since its inception, the FACUNDO Rum Collection has focused on elevating rum to its most refined form of execution. Paying homage to the rich heritage that inspired the exquisite rums and the artistry of its Maestros de Ron (Masters blenders), FACUNDO is handcrafted with passion, aged in the Bahamas, blended in Puerto Rico, and hand-bottled in Mexico. The Collection is a culmination of over 155 years of Bacardi family artistry and dedication to the art of rum making.

The design of the bottle collection is a work of art unto itself. The refinement and artistry of the liquids is housed in exquisite bottles that highlight an ongoing history of cultural appreciation intrinsic to the spirit of Bacardi. Taking design cues from the brand’s Cuban heritage as well as the art deco of the 1930s, the FACUNDO Rum Collection conveys the artisanal perfection and deep-rooted legacy that crafted the exceptional rums, and draws a line that carries through its background into the present-day.

Earlier this year, FACUNDO partnered with revered Latin American artist, Damian Aquiles, to produce ten one-of-a-kind luxury bar trays — each created as unique works of art. The collection of bar trays launched in March with an exclusive gallery opening on the Highline, marking Aquiles’ first exhibition in New York since 2004. Aquiles collaborated with FACUNDO to celebrate and champion the bold, exciting, and diverse world of Latin American art and culture that is inherent to the brand’s origin.

Each blend is a testament to the Maestro de Ron’s ability to create balanced rums that still retain their own unique characteristics; each of the four members of the FACUNDO Rum Collection offers its own distinct flavor and style:

· FACUNDO NEO ($45) — an ultra-aged white rum aged up to 8 years. NEO has a smooth taste with sweet notes and a clean, balanced finish. NEO is best sipped on the rocks or mixed into a NEO White Negroni cocktail.

· FACUNDO EXIMO ($90) — a blend of dark rums aged between 10 and 12 years, and the only of the four rums that is blended before aging, with tasting notes of walnuts and vanilla. It is best sipped on the rocks or mixed into an EXIMO Old Fashioned cocktail.

· FACUNDO EXQUISITO ($150) — a bold dark rum blend of younger 7-year-old rums and more mature 23-year-old rums, with a warm, lingering aftertaste of raisins and toasted nuts. EXQUISITO is best served neat to savor the complex flavor profile of the rum.

· FACUNDO PARAISO ($250) — an unparalleled blend of dark rums aged up to 23 years that is smooth and mellow with tasting notes of chocolate, very dark caramel and toasted walnuts. It is best served in a snifter, served neat and sipped slowly.

The FACUNDO Rum Collection is available for purchase via ReserveBar.com.



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